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Our Packages

Terms and conditions
  • The confirmation of your reservation implies the full understanding and acceptance of the present General Terms of Agreement.
  • All our food and beverage packages are priced net. There are no additional government or services taxes applicable.
  • All our prices are in USD Dollars.
  • The minimum number of pax is 40 adults. Once a booking has been made for a certain number, that number will remain our minimum number.
DIJON Bali Catering - Packages and Menus

Indonesian Buffet Menu

(select any four)
  • Ayam pelalah: shredded chicken with chilli and lime on crispy cracker
  • Sate tempe: fermented soya bean cake satay
  • Silk tofu martabak with curry sauce
  • Spicy fruit salad in crispy wonton sheet
  • Sate lilit: minced seafood on lemon grass satay
  • Red chilli sambal marinated steamed fish, served on assorted crackers
  • Golden fried prawns, green chilli sambal
  • Lemon grass skewered prawn with tomato chilli dip
  • Cumi gulung goreng tepung: battered fried squid with chilli sauce
  • Risoles ragout ayam: fried Indonesian crepe filled with creamy chicken
  • Sate ayam: chicken satay with peanut sauce
  • Ayam martabak with curry sauce
  • Duck wrap with vegetable and kecap manis sambal
  • Sate sapi: beef satay with spicy sambal
(select any one)
  • Urap Sayuran: assorted local vegetable with grated coconut and chilli sambal
  • Gado – gado: mixed vegetables, boiled potato, eggs, fried tofu and peanut sauce
  • Asinan pengantin with peanut sauce: mixed vegetable salad
  • Rujak kuah pindang Bali: mixed fruit salad with Balinese spicy dressing
  • Sambel be tongkol: tuna salad with shallots and lemon grass
(Select any one)
  • Soto peklongan: traditional broth cooked with meat chunks and fermented soybean
  • Sop Buntut: slow cooked beef oxtail soup with carrot and potato
  • Soto Ayam: chicken broth served with glass noodles and potato
(Select any seven)
  • Vegetable Dishes
    • Tumis labu siam: chayote stew with sliced chili and tempe
    • Orek – orek tempeh: stir fried tempe with shrimp and green chili
    • Oseng – oseng toge: stir fried bean sprouts with tofu
    • Sayur lodeh: mixed vegetable stew cooked in lightly spiced coconut milk gravy
  • Seafood Dishes
    • Ikan acar bumbu kuning: stewed fish fillet with turmeric sauce
    • Udang balado: stir fried prawns with tomato and chili paste
    • Kare cumi: baby squid curry
    • Pepes Ikan mas: steamed fish with blended spices
  • Meat Dishes
    • Beef rendang: slow cooked beef stew in coconut milk and whole spices
    • Sate domba: lamb Sate with peanut sauce and fried onion
    • Tongseng kambing: spicy lamb meat cooked in a smooth but fiery curry
  • Chicken dishes
    • Opor ayam: chicken curry cooked in West Java style
    • Ayam bumbu rujak: marinated spicy chicken
    • Ayam goreng Kalasan: fresh turmeric marinated fried chicken
    • Ayam bakar kecap: grilled chicken with sweet soya sauce
  • Rice Dishes
    (select any two)
    • Nasi Goreng: traditional Indonesian fried rice
    • Nasi kuning: steamed rice with turmeric
    • Nasi uduk: steamed rice with coconut milk
    • Nasi Putih: steamed rice
    • Mie Goreng: fried egg noodles with vegetables
    • Bihun Goreng: fried vermicelli noodles

    *The main course buffet is served with a complementary two type of sambal, assorted crackers and pickled vegetable

(select any five)
  • Coconut rice with mango
  • Dadar Gulung: Indonesian crepes filled with coconut and palm sugar
  • Wajik: Sticky rice cakes
  • Black rice pudding with coconut milk
  • Kue Lapis: Indonesian mille feulie sweet cake
  • Klepon: sticky rice balls filled with coconut and palm sugar
  • Lapis Surabaya: layered sponge cake with strawberry jam
  • Pandan kaya: pandan sponge with cream custard
  • Blunder tape: cassava cake
  • Sarang semut: Indonesian style caramel cake

*The dessert buffet is served with a complementary assorted flavoured white chocolate

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