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What about treating yourself and the loved ones’ with Dijon’s signature Tiramisu.
Ingredients: Mascarpone, lady fingers, espresso, eggs Unit of Quantity: Portion, Small (3 - 5 pax), Medium (6 - 8 pax) Storage: Freezer (for longer shelf life) or chiller.

Gluten Free Coconut Macaroon Cookies

To all our customers that are gluten intolerant, this one is for you! Our Coconut Macaroons Cookies is Gluten Free! Yet to those who can eat gluten, these are just as delicious and definitely recommended!
Ingredients: Dessicated coconut, almond meal, chocolate chip, sugar. Storage: Room temperature

Teriyaki Sauce

Ingredients: Japanese soy sauce, Mirin, fresh apple Serving suggestion: Sushi dip, grilled fish/ chicken, Japanese food.
Unit of quantity: 500gr.
Storage: Chiller.
Shelf life: 3 months.
Dietary information: Dairy free.

Goma Dressing & Spicy Asian

Goma Dressing
Ingredients: Japanese mayo, sugar, sesame seed.
Serving suggestion: For salad.
Unit of quantity: 500gr Storage: Chiller.
Shelf life: 3 months.
Dietary information: Gluten free.
Spicy Asian Dressing
Ingredients: Sweet chili sauce, lemon juice, corriander.
Serving suggestion: For salad, dip for Asian food.
Unit of quantity: 500gr. Storage: Chiller.
Shelf life: 3 months.
Dietary information: Gluten free.

Muesli & Granola

Granola provides protein and important micronutrients like iron, vitamin D, folate, and zinc.
Enjoy a combination of Granola and yogurt as a healthy and nutritious breakfast option or a parfait-like snack to kick start your mornings with energy and sweetness!

Açaí Purée

Serving Suggestion: Smoothies Bowl, Juices.
Unit of Quantity: 3 x 100 gr.
Storage: Freezer
Dietary Information: Gluten and Dairy Free.
Shelf Life: 90 days.


Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Butter, Cocoa Powder.
Unit of Quantity: 6 pcs.
Storage: Chiller.
Dietary Information: Contains Dairy.



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10% off Bread (selected items)

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Every day 5pm – 7pm.
30% off All salads (while stock is available).


New Products

Petruz Fruity

These new items are about Health, Flavor and Energy. Meet Petruz Fruity series of amazing Superfruits. They are 100% organic, natural, deep-frozen and pasteurized açaí line.
Gluten free, lactose free, allergen free. With vegan ingredients and free from artificial preservatives, colors and aromas.
Variants: Açaí Berry, Acerola, Polpa de Maracuja (Passionfruit), Polpa de Graviola, Polpa de Goiaba.

Garlic & Lemon Olive Oil

New addition to The Cobram Estate Olive Oil family - Garlic infused & Lemon infused. A gently infused oil with garlic aroma leaves a pleasant and delicate garlic aftertaste.

Garlic infused Olive Oil is ideal for pasta sauces, homemade mayonnaise or basting roast meats. While the Lemon infused aroma provides a citrus lift to BBQ marinades, chicken and fish.

Grab & Go Sandwich

- Peri - Peri Chicken Sandwich
- Tuna Sandwich
Shelf Life :
Need to be consumed immediately

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Our Story

From the good old days of only one deli, now every neighborhood seems to have one.

But, we were first and DIJON still plays a major role in our community. Although the options to import food are now limited by government policy and the world wide shipping conditions of the pandemic, we still make every effort to access the things that our customers want. And the bonus good thing about the lack of imports is that we can now feel free to try our own recipes like DIJON Cranberry Sauce, Fruit Mince Filling, Arrabbiata Sauce, Barbeque Sauce, Homemade Hummus varieties and Pestos, and Vegan “Ice Cream”, just to name a few. We have added a huge number of homemade dishes which are just heated up to create HOMEMADE DELICOUS WITHOUT THE HOMEMADE HASSLE!

Our dream of becoming a food producer is helped big time by necessity!

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